Saturday, May 10, 2008

NH Scavenger Hunt

Assessment of skills is a priority with my classes. It allows the students time to reflect on their work, and if use their decision making skills (simple, did I or didn't I). This time around, I'm going to test you on your NH skills. Just in time for Memorial Day (in case it rains!)

Scavenger Exercise – Let’s Go Portsmouth!

Directions: Grab a classmate for this team exercise. Answer each question completely in order to receive any credit at all. Keep track of any web resources that help you find your answers. Record those web sites under each of your answers. Print your answer sheets. Collaborate with another team to check your answers. Good luck & remember to have fun!

1) How many miles is it from your town's Main Street to Main Street in Portsmouth, NH? Hint:

2) What is the route # of the road you will spend the most of your time on?

3) What year did Portsmouth, NH become a city? Hint:

4) What is the name of the Portsmouth, NH newspaper? Hint:

5) Approximately how many people live in Portsmouth, NH? Hint:

6) If you played for a team at Portsmouth High School, you would be a __________________.

7) Approximately how many students attend Portsmouth High School? Hint:

8) How many “Twin Towns or Sister Cities” does Portsmouth, NH currently have? These towns often (though by no means always) have similar demographic and other characteristics. Hint:

9) How many people live in Portsmouth, NH’s Friendship city? Hint:

10) If you crossed the ________________ River, what state would you be in? Hint: Record the name of the river AND the state!

11) If you wanted to see an outdoor play during the summer in Portsmouth, NH. What is the name of the park you would visit? Hint:

12) Name the island introduced to the Western world in 1614 by Capt. John Smith, of Pocahontas fame. Hint:

13) What is the name of the poet who wrote some of her works on this island? Hint #1: C_ _ _ _ T _ _ _ _ _ _.
Hint #2: This woman’s father was hired as a lighthouse keeper on White Island and she married a man 11 years older than she when she was just 16 years old.

14) Imagine you are the poet that lived on this remote island off the coast of Portsmouth, NH. Write a poem describing the ISLE of _ _ _ _ _ _. Use this web site: to help you write your poem.

15) How many stops are listed on the Portsmouth Black Heritage Trail?Hint:

Extra Credit: Are you smarter than a 5th grader? If so, then record your poem in Garage Band (with music\and or sounds) and share\export it so we can all listen. Good Luck!

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