Friday, May 16, 2008

1:1 Computing

Investing in 1:1 Computing for Students isn't a new idea for schools. The Pro's? Everyone has one to use as their own. The Cons: Everyone has one to use as their own (even those teachers who can't yet access their e-mail). For core-subject teachers students often use their machines as expensive flashcards, notebooks, drill & practice tools. While this isn't always a problem, it doesn't mean these students are becoming literate with technology.

For me, it's all about communication. If we could transition smoothly into a world of communication, I think our lives would move forward in a positive manner. Most people are critical of one another because they aren't aware of the entire scope of an issue. If we were using technology properly in a 1:1 manner, our students could work worldwide on classroom projects. It's really exciting to present a student's work using a projector within one classroom. Imagine, using a videoconference piece of software to present the same completed assignment from a classroom in another town, state, or country!

Students could become teachers and more active learners as they tried to persuade and educator their visitors. One New England state's Department of Education has a vision to become...

Maine students will be the most technologically literate in the world

Here is their example of how they are working towards this goal. It's called Distance Learning...

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